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Hahaha that was mean xD

Freakin' AWESOME.

Okay, I can't lie. This starts off BLOODY slow, and at first is really dissapointing. However, even in the slow part, it has some BRILLIANT use of the various sprites, and shows a unique take on an awesome boss fight. However, on Megaman's last life... Well, I ain't gonna spoil anything. Be patient people, and watch through the first two lives. And even after that, STILL keep watching. It's well worth the wait. Absolutely phenomenal.

Holy shit

Phenomenal 3D animation, how can this be a simple flash cartoon? Absolutely amazing.

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It seems a little bit useless....

I've seen a lot of different instructional flash cartoons/games on how to make different things in flash, but I have to say that this one seems very useless. It shows you how to draw a very simple object that a good deal of people can do already. I personally believe that it would have been better if it had more ways to draw paper, rather than just one.

No way!!!

Thanks a million man! I never thought someone would use any of my music in a flash game! I appreciate it a lot! I personally have a hard time enjoying the game much, but all of the music was fantastic! Again, thanks!

This is Great!

VERY well done, one of the better character design games I've seen. I personally think that it should've had some music included, just to make it a little more homey. All of the graphics fit perfectly into the Sonic universe, and they look slightly like they sould be in a future sonic game. Again, wery well done, I like it alot :)

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Hollow Knight got me working on music as well xD I like the cinematic dubstep elements, this is extremely well done!

reesenance responds:

thank you! I'm into the cinematic dubstep stuff myself too, so there'll be probably more of that in the future

Absolutely gorgeous and emotional composition. I love this. Thank you.

I'm digging that bassline around 1:00ish! Was this perchance made using Impact Soundworks' Super Audio Cart? The composition is so much fun to listen to - I would love to hear this in a Sega genesis game

HOJL responds:

Glad you liked it! I used Blue2 for that particular bass, but I'm sure there's a lot of synths that can replicate it.

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