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Hahaha that was mean xD

Freakin' AWESOME.

Okay, I can't lie. This starts off BLOODY slow, and at first is really dissapointing. However, even in the slow part, it has some BRILLIANT use of the various sprites, and shows a unique take on an awesome boss fight. However, on Megaman's last life... Well, I ain't gonna spoil anything. Be patient people, and watch through the first two lives. And even after that, STILL keep watching. It's well worth the wait. Absolutely phenomenal.

Holy shit

Phenomenal 3D animation, how can this be a simple flash cartoon? Absolutely amazing.

Holy shit

Well, I'm not gonna go into detail, because I'll just be saying the same things I've said before... So I'll keep this short. That was pure, simple, unadultered insanity on drugs/chemicals/beer/whateverthehelly ouwant/woodchips/paint/etc.

I frikkin' LOVE it.

5/5, 10/10

LinkXRetro responds:

thanks man

Best yet, imo

You keep getting better man, this was your most impressive yet. I really like how you drew and animated the backgrounds - Everything in the cartoon has an interesting sort of roughness to it - just the style of animation, how it was all executed.. And this is the GOOD kind of roughness - everything looks completely original. I must add that you are incredibly good at lip-syncing - though there's only one line in the whole cartoon, the character's mouth moves in near-perfect synchronicity with the line.

Btw, did you record that vocal sample yourself, or did you get it from somewhere online? It sounded really good.

Anyway, great job on this one, I'm looking forward to your next animation!

LinkXRetro responds:

thanks man! =D
i am glad you liked it
and yes, i recorded it myself, it wasn't me talking it though, was a friend of mine
and thanks for the 10 X)

Wow, impressive for your first music video.

Man, that drummer cracked me up XD
The lip-syncing on the vocals was great, but there was one problem - the lyrical changes in animation were made about a second too late. I've got a good computer with firefox and a great flashplayer, so I'm not entirely sure that it's just lagging. That's something you might try fixing. Anyway, great job, and funny ending!

LinkXRetro responds:

thanks man

MUCH more impressive than your first animation.

Hey Nick, it's Gavin! The new kid, you know? What's up man?

Anyway, to the animation...
The animation is not only smoother than your first submission, but the art and character drawings themselves are more pleasant looking. I thought it was a really nice touch how Link seemed to lip sync the words as they were spoken, that was an excellent touch of animation there. I was very impressed with how this one turned out, though it was short. My only complaint about this one is that the frame rate seemed a little low, and certain animations took a tad too long to excecute, namely how fast the text appears and how long some of the pauses are in between a text conversation and the next scene of the cartoon (like in the beginning right after Link's evil smile). Still, I thought this one was great, and AMAZING for one of your first animations. Great job dude!

LinkXRetro responds:

thanks man
it wounderous of what the drawing pad can do to animation

Absolutely Phenomenal!

The humor in this was positively brilliant, I was laughing the whole way through! The animation was great on ALL of the collaborators parts, the sounds fit well and blend perfectly with everything, and the music was well selected. Something that caught my attention about this cartoon was the fact that it was "family friendly;" no cursing, no extreme violence - just pure, innocent fun. That's not a particularly big deal, but it was nice being able to watch a Sonic cartoon that didn't have massive amounts of language or violence. Kudos to all of the animators that worked on this!!

P.S. Thanks for using my track Marbled Beaches - the little characters dancing around to the melody put a smile on my face ^_^

thewax70 responds:

Glad you liked the movie, thanks for the review. :)


That was freakin' awesome. Two thumbs way up for the most awesome stupid shit I've ever seen.


That was awesome, it's as simple as that. I've seen a lot of cool dance animations, but this one definitely puts them all to shame. This one is simply amazing!
The only thing I was even a LITTLE upset about was the fact that the last song was in Korean or something... Not many people can read that. Like biogenetic said, I'd totally go and DL that song if I could read it. Simply amazing job!

10/10, 5/5

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