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Hollow Knight got me working on music as well xD I like the cinematic dubstep elements, this is extremely well done!

reesenance responds:

thank you! I'm into the cinematic dubstep stuff myself too, so there'll be probably more of that in the future

Absolutely gorgeous and emotional composition. I love this. Thank you.

I'm digging that bassline around 1:00ish! Was this perchance made using Impact Soundworks' Super Audio Cart? The composition is so much fun to listen to - I would love to hear this in a Sega genesis game

HOJL responds:

Glad you liked it! I used Blue2 for that particular bass, but I'm sure there's a lot of synths that can replicate it.

I'm so freaking psyched someone put a song of mine in a dj mix 8D thanks a ton, man!

RedSoul92 responds:

:3 your music rocks!

Good piece! I enjoy the use of the vocal samples as well as the ambience. There's a good bit of clipping on the kick, but the piece itself is enjoyable to listen to. Solid track!

Qshunt responds:

The kick clips just as it transitions from the intro into the first section.
I noticed it after rendering it, then cbf fixing it.
My audio interface failed and I had to mix it on Logitech speakers and Corsair gaming headphones :(

This piece is lovely! Well-composed, excellently dynamic with beautifully used instrumentation. I'm impressed by the sweet feeling portrayed by this. I picture parts of this as being underwater, and parts as being a Christmas piece.

Everratic responds:

Thank you for the lovely review! I tried to create an innocence vibe with the use of high flutes and glockenspiel; I guess that’s why it sounds Christmasy :)

Anywhere I can download this, sir? I'll gladly pay if necessary, this is a lovely Remix.

SkyMarshall responds:

Thanks for the feedback :) Pay for a download? That wont be nescessary, the review is enough. Appreciate it. I will ship a url to you asap.

You've definitely grown and changed musically since the times way back when! I remember when you were my age and made Forever Gamer xD I'm loving the synth wave feeling, and greatly enjoy the triplet feel, which you don't often hear in this genre. Fantastic synthwork as usual, good sir!

SkyMarshall responds:

Stellar feedback there. I dont know if Ive grown, but Ive certainly aged since Forever Gamer. We all have I guess. So its fun to try something new here and there. Appreciate the review :)

Ah, the nostalgia. I was Manmadusic a while back. I hope you're still producing, dude. Your tracks were always a lot of fun to listen to.

Simplistic, but I find the composition to be delightful! I like that it's the type of music that adds to the atmosphere without being too distracting.

ConnorGrail responds:

That's always my goal, so mission accomplished! Glad you like it

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